DB-Star Sending Card H4901130A


DB Star control cards


DBstar (H4901130A) Syncrhonous LED Sending Card (inner),,1.Support RGB ,the maxinmum number or color supported is one billion
2.Support sound transmission
3.Support hot backup of dual LAN lines
4.Support input of DVI digital signal
5. Support HDMI 1.3B standard ,support AADCP1.2 protocal
6.Rotation angles 0 .90. 180. 270
7.Support encryption time by software setting
8. Support dual ports lateral ,blank line and insert line setup
9.Working voltage range: 100-240V AC 50/60HZ
10.USB port communication single card can drive 1280*1024 ,1024*1200,2048*640
11.Support OE and PWM brightness adjustment ,turn on/off an lock screen through the panel key

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