Flex 10*10 Customized Flex Wallpaper as Per your Design Star Quality with Sunshine Visibility upto 3 year in Sunlight


Flex for designed wallpaper 10*10


Indoor or Outdoor Can be used.

Flex banner printing generally involves high quality, full color digital printing for hoardings and banners, mainly printed by large inject plotters as CMYK format in PVC flex medium. Flex printing utilises eco-solvent inks with inject printing technology.
PVC flex, a composure of PVC and polyester has stable chemical character and excellent ink absorbency nature bring wonderful digital printing results for large format printing.
Flex banners are playing a pivotal role in signage industry. A colourful banner used in indoor or outdoor promotions will provide maximum visual impact to everyone who pass by.
Banners are a popular way to promote businesses and events, as well as products, services, and any other messages to display in a large format in vibrant eye-catching colours.
Banners are also very cost-effective. They’re ideal for hoardings, grand openings, retail stores, restaurants, conferences, seminars, corporate lobbies, showrooms and anywhere to display your important messages.
Some of the best features of flex banner are light resistance and completely non-porous, UV resistance, can be directly sprayed or joined, indoor and outdoor usage, resist strong calamities, non-fade and can be laminated for longevity.
Our plotting technology meets international quality and finishing standards.
All your documents are plotted and laminated with latest production printers and automated finishing machines in a professional and linear processes.

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