Huidu T-901 Sending Control Card


HD-T901 is a synchronous sending card of Huidu, with the R50X series receiving card to connect the LED screen


HUIDU HD-T901 LED Sending Card

HUIDU T901 LED Sending Card Synchronous Sender card Control Range?1280*[email protected],2048*[email protected]

Model: HD-T901
Range: 1280*[email protected], 2048*[email protected]
Communication: 1 DVI -input port, 1 USB-control port, 2 RJ45-outport
Scan Model: Static – 1/32 scan. support smart setting
Gray Level: 256 – 65536 gray level
Programs: No limit, can play by time section
Regions: No limit, support regions overlap, regions transparent
Content: video/text/picture/time/3d text/office/SWF
Video type: AVI, WMV, RMVB, MPG, FLV, SWF, VOB, etc…
Effects: more then 40 effects and image background, shaped boder
Audio input: standard dual-channel stereo input for use with multi-function cards
Special functions:
1: compatible with indoor and outdoor full color and single and double color modules
2: Support video playback, pictures and text effects
3: One way DVI video pinput
4: Standard dual-channel stereo input for use with multi-function cards
5:Supports up to 65536 shades of gray
6: Automatic identification without any settings
7: Syupports cascading with large screens

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