Huidu W62-75 Control Card


This card is used to control LED displays via WIFI. It can display text, as well as images of different formats. The device supports U-Disk drive connection, which, in turn, grants virtually indefinite storage memory.


Type: HD-W62-75
7 Color Controll Range: 640*32
Memory: 8M byte
Comunication: U-Disk & Wi-Fi
Support: more than 40 effect and image backgroud. shaped boder; Cross Screen
1. First 3D text effect in all LED trades
2. Support regions overlap
3.Support Graylevel, regions background, smart setting
4. Support buttom counter up/down, buttom timer, realtime region
5. Support text rotation, 90?, 180 and 2706. Auto Search Controller, Support APP(Ledart)

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