This is Yellow Color P10 LED Module


Product summary specs:
Module size: 320x160mm
Thickness module: 13 mm.
Weight module: 25ogs
Resolution of module: 32×16 dots.
Pixel density.: 10000 dots / sqm
Pixel composition.: 1r
Pitch pixels: 10mm.
Brightness.: 1500-2500 cd /
Lifetime: 50000 hours
How to choose a controller
1. Add up the horizontal point 512, and the number of vertical dots 32. Must choose xu2 (Usb connection) Or xu2w (Wifi connection. Phone update content)?
2.when the number of vertical points 48 and the number of horizontal points less than 1024, had to choose xu3 or xu3w.
3.when the number of vertical dots 64 and the number of horizontal points less than 1024, it had to choose xu4 or xu4w.

How to choose power supply
Each of the standard 200w power supply (5v 40a.) It can carry 15 p10 smd modules. It has nothing to do with color. Red. White. Blue. And green is the same
16-30 module number with 2 power supply
31-45 module number 2 power supply

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