ONBON BX-V75L Control Card


ONBON BX-V75L Control Card Usrd For Display Data On LED


Product name ONBON BX-V75 Synchronous full color led receiving card
Working mode Gigabit Ethernet card mode, matching send card / Send box pattern, matching YQ Player Mode
Single card control area 384*384
Cascade card QTY Single network cable cascade card QTY ?1024
Grey Scale 65536
Refresh rate up to 5000Hz
Application display Suitable for all types of currently available Full color LED display
Chip supports All main led display stream chip
Ports 12 T75;24 RGB Data
Brightness adjust 256 level
Maximum power ?4W
Working voltage 4V~6V
Working temperature -40?C~80?C
Software LEDShowTV 2015

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