Solar Panel 100W Battery Charger USB Kit Complete Solar Cell Smart Phone Portable Flexible Power Bank Camping Car Rechargeable


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100W solar charging board battery panel mobile computer charging power supply battery crocodile car outdoor charger


Maximum power (pmax): 100W
Output: dual usb plus dc 5521
Open circuit voltage (voc): 18 v
Size: 435*200*2.5mm

Use mobile phones, mp3, mp4 and other usb charging devices.
2 pairs of usb ports, usb committee cables are easily responsible.
You can form a panel on the sun and charge the unit directly.
Wild biking, mountain climbing, pirates, camping, travel, etc.

Usb output: 5 v
Number of USB ports: dual USB
Solar battery version voltage DC12-18V:
Material: Polyester Silicon Silicon
Suitable for DC 18 v charging: bicycle, hiking, camping, traveling, etc.

Friendly environment, with a green road far from the sun!
High conversion efficiency, our polyester silicon efficiency can reach 20%.
Lightweight and easy to carry.
Charging temperature -20-70 Celsius
30 degree maximum heel soft solar panel.
Paragraphs and technically guarantee you and your equipment.
Durability, waterproof and durability.
Security cameras, laptops, car batteries, cars, automobiles, coaches, flights, airplanes, satellites, space radio, outdoor agriculture, scheming, sightseeing, solar street lights, etc. are widely used.

Packing list:
1*Solar battery pad charger
4*suction cup
1*Alligator clip
1*Car charger





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