Sunboard printing in ludhiana is these days ordinarily use promoting media for both indoor and outside showcase. There are two different ways of doing it, it is possible that you can print your plan legitimately on to the sunboard Printing in ludhiana  or you print your flag in some medium like paper, vinyl, dissolvable or eco dissolvable material and afterward you mount it on to the sunboard  printing in ludhiana.These sun sheets comes in 3mm and 5mm thickness which can be either tied or upheld against some hard surface. Other way utilized is to glue them on to the divider or do acrylic mounting of these standards additionally alluded as acrylic printing.


Size of sunboard flag:

Sun board printing in ludhiana are accessible in practically all sizes and these are huge sheets, so this can be cut and utilized according to prerequisite. The following are the standard sizes utilized for printing of sunboards:-

             1x3ft or 3x1ft

             2x3ft

             3x4ft

             2ftx5ft

             3x6ft

             4ftx6ft

             5ftx7ft


Establishment and mounting:

These printed standard and glued sheet of sunboards printing in ludhiana can be introduced and mounted both for shows indoor and outside sunboard Printing in Ludhiana. We have recorded beneath the area where you can utilized these sheets.

             Welcome Passage of shop or office

             Company name plates

             Cafeteria, shop or store inside presentations

             As a Sunboard standee

             Notice Boards in school and universities

             At meeting and shows

             Led Acrylic Letter board use Sun board

             important declarations


Sunboard printing cost:

There are two components to the expense of sunboard printing in ludhiana one is printing cost which will rely upon the medium upon which you wish to print your standard.

accompanies either shine or matt overlay Sunboard printing in ludhiana will cost per sq ft. The establishment and sticking expense on to the sunboard can be another per sq ft. This is the expense in the event that you decide to print standard and, at that point glue it on to the board. In the event that you decide to print straightforwardly on to the sunboard in ludhiana at that point it should cost you around per sq ft. Because of good quality printers same quality prints can be normal in both of these alternatives.


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