TECHON P4 Outdoor Full Color Led Display Module, SMD 3 in 1 RGB LED Unit Panel for LED Large Screen Video Wall



P4 outdoor full color led display module, SMD 3 in 1 RGB LED Unit panel for LED large screen video wall


Outdoor P4 LED Module 01

Outdoor P4 LED Module 02




1. Please note the module picture maybe not completely the same as real product because of product upgrading.
2. Different batches of LED modules may have some differences on the intensity and color. So please buy all LED modules for one LED display at one time. And we suggest you to buy several module spare for future fast maintenance.



◆ Technical Specification of P4mm:
Pixel configuration SMD1921 3 in 1
LEDs configuration Red:wave length: 615~630nm;445-460mcd
Green:wave length: 515~530nm;720-735mcd
Blue:wave length: 465~475nm;102-106mcd
Pixel pitch(mm) 4
Pixel density(dots/㎡) 62500
Calibrated brightness(cd/sqm,nit) 5000 nits(adjustable)
Calibrated brightness proportion ratio R: G: B = 30%:60%:10%(adjustable)
Color temperature 3,500° — 9,500° K(adjustable)
Contrast ratio 4,000:1(adjustable)
Brightness adjustment(dimming) 100 grade auto/manual-adjustment
View angle(degree)(50% brightness) Horizontal: 110° (60° off center); Vertical: 70° (+25°/-45° off center)
Readability viewing angle Horizontal: 140° (75° off center); Vertical: 90° (+35°/-55° off center)
Color capability 4.4 trillion
Refresh rate(Hz) >1200 Hz(adjustable)
Frame frequency(Hz) >60 Hz
Interface port DVI interface(DVI connector)
Input signal VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.
Protection grade IP65 front side
LED Drive Constant-current drive
Lifetime(hours)(50% brightness) 100,000 hours
Signal transmission direction Horizontal
Operating temperature(Celsius degree) -15~+55”
Storage temperature(Celsius degree) -30~+65′
Operation humidity(RH) 10-95%
Operation humidity(RH) 10-99%
Servicing Front and back serving optional
Control mode Synchronous & asynchronous available
Communication options Wire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet,RF wireless,GPRS
Power 120/240 V AC single phase(50-60Hz)
Maximum power consumption(W/SQM) 850
Average power consumption(W/SQM) 320
Screen operation mode(scan/static)   1/8
Module configuration(Pixels quantities of
the module)
Length  64 Customized
Height   32
Module dimensions(mm) Length  256
Height  128
Cabinet configuration(Module quantities of
the cabinet)
Cabinet dimensions(mm) Length


Outdoor LED Display Function
1. Excellent visual effect, better viewing effect for text and graphic or video.
2. Large viewing angle, getting vivid effect within any position of the viewing range.
3. High contrast ratio and good evenness, high uniformity, without mosaic.
4. Resist of the high temperature and anti-oxidation and anti-static.
5. Any led in each pixel can be replaced, which reduce the cost of the display maintenance.
6. Long life & MTBF.


Outdoor p4 led module








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