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P6 led video walls in Ludhiana

Techon gives top wholesaling Led in ludhiana

Product Description

Outdoor LED Video Walls : North India’s Biggest LED Video Wall Company

No.1 Service Provider Company in LED VIDEO WALLS

Overview   Quick Details  : SCREEN AS PER YOUR ORDER PER SQFT PRICE IS MENTIONED HERE SO QUICK GUIDESCREEN DIMENSIONSHot sale standard models:Mini size model:P3/P6 screen size: 2304mm*1536mm=3.53m2P4/P5 screen size: 2560mm*1440mm=3.68m2Rear single red screen size: 960mm*1280mmSmall size model:P3/P6 screen size: 3072mm*1536mm=4.7m2P4/P5 screen size: 2880mm*1600mm=4.6m2Middel size model:P3/P6 screen size: 3840mm*1728mm=6.63m2P4/P5 screen size: 3840mm*1760mm=6.75m2Rear single red screen size: 1280mm*1440mm5 BY 7.5   = 37.5 SQFT 8 BY 10    = 80 SQFT8 BY 12    = 96 SQFT10 BY 15  = 150 SQFT 8 BY 15    = 120 SQFT 12 BY 16  = 192   SQFT 15 BY 20  = 300   SQFT 16 BY 20  = 320   SQFT 20 BY 25  = 500   SQFT 25 BY 35  = 875   SQFT 35 BY 40  = 1400 SQFT 40 BY 50  = 2000 SQFT Gross Weight: 5 KG PER SQFTBrand Name: TECHON  Product name:  Outdoor Advertisement P6 LED Display TruckPower voltage: 220v or 110v   Warranty term:  1 years   Delivery:  7-10 daysProduct Certification Supply Ability:1000 Set/Sets per MonthPackaging & DeliveryPortNAVA SHIVA OR any other portLead Time :

Est. Time(days)15-2530-35To be negotiated

Video Description

We are professional manufacturer of special purpose vehicles since 2011. We produce all types of LEDadvertisement trucks. We can customize according to client’s requirements. We provide free training and one year free warrantyfor all our products.

1.Main product type:LED Screen for truck options with 1 screen; LED truck with 2 screens; LED truck with 3 screens; LED truck with 4 screens; LED truck with dancing stage; Led truck will billboard; LED truck with hydraulic lifting screens.

2.Screen types: outdoor full color screen P0.8, P1.8,P2,P3,P4,P5 and P6 ,P8,P10; indoor full color screen P3,P4,P5 and P6; single color screen

3.Screen size: we can customize according to client’s needs.

4.Generator: According to the screen size, we can adopt 6.5KW-12 KW ANY brand gasoline generator or 15-25kw ANY brand silent diesel generator.

Additional Information

Weight85 kg

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