100 x 20mm Black Wheel with 6mm Shaft Diameter


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A 100 x 20mm black wheel with a 6mm shaft diameter is a durable and versatile wheel designed for various applications. Its 100mm diameter provides stability and smooth movement, while the 20mm width offers a secure grip. The 6mm shaft diameter ensures easy compatibility with a wide range of equipment and machinery. The sleek black color adds a modern and stylish touch to your project.

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Get high quality Robot Wheel with 100mm Diameter and 20mm Width. These Wheels are used in robotics projects and DIY ideas. These wheels come with a 6mm hole for easy coupling with motor shafts using a screw.


Shaft Diameter – 6 mm
Wheel Diameter – 100 mm
Wheel Width – 20 mm
Weight: 80gm/Wheel


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