6 By 4 Feet Indoor Led Video Walls-P6


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A P6 indoor LED video wall is a display system that uses LED technology with a pixel pitch of 6mm, indicating the distance between individual pixels on the screen. In the context of a 6 by 4 feet configuration, it means the display measures 6 feet in width and 4 feet in height.

Key features of a P6 indoor LED video wall typically include high resolution and clarity due to the smaller pixel pitch, making it suitable for applications where detailed and vibrant visuals are essential. This type of display is commonly used for indoor purposes such as advertising, presentations, events, and digital signage, providing a dynamic and eye-catching way to convey information or showcase content. The 6 by 4 feet size makes it versatile for various indoor spaces, offering a visually impactful solution for different purposes.


It seems like you’re looking for information about a specific product: a 6 by 4 feet indoor LED video wall with a P6 specification. P6 typically refers to the pixel pitch of the LED display, indicating the distance between adjacent pixels. In this case, it’s likely that the pixel pitch is 6mm.

Here’s a general description of what you might expect from a 6×4 feet indoor LED video wall with a P6 specification:

  1. Resolution: The resolution of the LED video wall would depend on the pixel pitch. A P6 display means that there are 6mm between each pixel. Therefore, the resolution would be calculated based on the number of pixels in both the height and width of the display.
  2. Pixel Density: With a pixel pitch of 6mm, the display would have a relatively high pixel density, suitable for indoor applications where viewers are likely to be closer to the screen.
  3. Size: The dimensions specified are 6 by 4 feet, indicating the physical size of the LED video wall. This is the area where the pixels are distributed to create the display.
  4. Indoor Use: The mention of “indoor” suggests that this LED video wall is designed for use in indoor environments. Indoor displays often have higher resolution and pixel density compared to outdoor displays because viewers are typically closer to the screen.
  5. LED Technology: LED video walls use light-emitting diodes to create the display. LED technology provides high brightness, vivid colors, and good contrast ratios.
  6. Application: Indoor LED video walls with a P6 pixel pitch are commonly used in various applications such as retail environments, conference rooms, control rooms, and event spaces where high-quality visual displays are essential.
  7. Content Display: The display is suitable for showcasing a variety of content, including videos, images, presentations, and other multimedia.


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