Back-Open P4.8 Die Cast Cabinets for Outdoor Displays – 576x576mm Blank


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“Explore the durability and versatility of our Back-Open P4.8 Die Cast Cabinets designed for outdoor displays. With a compact size of 576x576mm, these cabinets offer a sleek and blank canvas for your visual content, ensuring vibrant and captivating outdoor presentations. Built with precision using die-cast technology, these cabinets provide robust protection for your display components while allowing convenient access from the back. Elevate your outdoor display experience with our high-quality, weather-resistant P4.8 cabinets, ideal for various applications.”

Product Description: Back-Open P4.8 Die Cast Cabinets for Outdoor Displays (576x576mm)

Introducing our state-of-the-art Back-Open P4.8 Die Cast Cabinets, meticulously designed to elevate your outdoor display experiences. With a sleek 576x576mm configuration, these cabinets seamlessly merge cutting-edge technology with robust construction, ensuring optimal performance and durability in diverse outdoor environments.

Key Features:

  1. Die Cast Construction: The cabinets boast a high-precision die-cast aluminum construction, providing exceptional structural integrity. This ensures resistance to external elements such as rain, dust, and varying temperatures, making it an ideal solution for outdoor installations.
  2. P4.8 Pixel Pitch: The P4.8 pixel pitch delivers stunning clarity and vivid color reproduction, ensuring your content captivates audiences with sharp and vibrant visuals. This level of detail is particularly advantageous for applications where image quality is paramount.
  3. Back-Open Design: The innovative back-open design simplifies maintenance and serviceability. Quick and easy access to internal components facilitates efficient troubleshooting and reduces downtime, ensuring a reliable and consistent display performance.
  4. Outdoor Ready: Engineered for outdoor use, these cabinets are rated to withstand challenging weather conditions. Whether facing intense sunlight, heavy rain, or extreme temperatures, the display remains resilient, providing a consistent and clear viewing experience.
  5. 576x576mm Configuration: The cabinets feature a compact and versatile 576x576mm size, offering flexibility in display configurations. This adaptability is beneficial for various outdoor applications, from advertising displays to informational kiosks.
  6. Advanced Cooling System: The integrated cooling system ensures optimal operating temperatures, even in prolonged usage scenarios. This not only enhances the longevity of the display but also contributes to energy efficiency.
  7. Seamless Installation: Designed with installation efficiency in mind, these cabinets facilitate a seamless setup process. The modular design allows for easy assembly and alignment, saving time and effort during deployment.
  8. Compatibility and Connectivity: The cabinets are designed to seamlessly integrate with various display technologies and support a range of input sources. This versatility ensures compatibility with diverse content delivery systems.


  • Outdoor Advertising Displays
  • Stadium and Event Screens
  • Digital Signage for Transportation Hubs
  • Public Information Displays
  • Entertainment Venues

Elevate your outdoor display solutions with the Back-Open P4.8 Die Cast Cabinets. Combining durability, precision, and innovation, these cabinets redefine the standards of outdoor visual experiences. Invest in a display solution that captivates, withstands, and delivers excellence.


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