Front-Open P10 Iron Empty Cabinets for Outdoor Displays – 960x960mm Blank


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The Front-Open P10 Iron Empty Cabinets for Outdoor Displays are sleek and durable cabinets designed for outdoor use. With dimensions of 960x960mm, these cabinets provide a blank canvas for P10 LED displays. The front-open design allows for easy access, simplifying maintenance and installation processes. Constructed from robust iron materials, these cabinets offer protection against outdoor elements, ensuring longevity and reliability. Ideal for creating vibrant and eye-catching outdoor displays, these cabinets provide a secure housing for P10 LED modules while offering a clean and professional appearance.

It seems like you’re describing a front-open P10 iron empty cabinet designed for outdoor displays with specific dimensions of 960x960mm. The term “P10” typically refers to the pixel pitch of a LED display, indicating the distance between individual pixels. A pixel pitch of P10 suggests that the distance between each pixel is 10 millimeters.

Here’s a breakdown of your description:

  1. Front-Open Design: This implies that the front side of the cabinet can be opened, which can be advantageous for maintenance and servicing of the display components.
  2. P10 Pixel Pitch: This describes the density of pixels on the display. A lower pixel pitch generally means a higher resolution.
  3. Iron Empty Cabinet: The cabinet is likely made of iron, suggesting durability and resistance to outdoor conditions.
  4. Outdoor Displays: The design and construction of the cabinet are suitable for outdoor use, indicating that it is weather-resistant and capable of withstanding environmental factors.
  5. 960x960mm Dimensions: This indicates the size of the cabinet. The dimensions are likely in millimeters, and the square shape (960x960mm) could be standard for LED display modules.
  6. Blank in Description: This part is a bit unclear. It could mean that the description is currently empty or that you want a blank description for some reason.


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