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The “LED Video Van P4.8 4 By 10” appears to refer to a mobile LED display system with a pixel pitch of 4.8mm and a configuration of 4 panels by 10 panels. Here’s a short description:

The LED Video Van P4.8 4 By 10 is a versatile mobile LED display solution designed for outdoor events, promotions, and advertising. With a pixel pitch of 4.8mm, it offers high-resolution visuals, making it suitable for both close-up and long-distance viewing. The display is configured with 4 panels across and 10 panels vertically, providing a large and impactful screen for showcasing content.

This mobile LED video van is equipped with advanced technology, ensuring vibrant and sharp images even in various lighting conditions. The portability of the van allows for flexibility in reaching different locations, making it an excellent choice for dynamic advertising campaigns, live events, and entertainment purposes.

The P4.8 resolution and 4×10 configuration contribute to a seamless and immersive viewing experience, capturing the attention of audiences and delivering a powerful visual impact. Whether used for promotional activities, outdoor concerts, or public announcements, the LED Video Van P4.8 4 By 10 is a cutting-edge solution for mobile video display needs.

It seems like you’re looking for information about a specific product: a LED video van with a P4.8 4 by 10 specification. However, the information provided is a bit unclear. Let me break down the possible interpretation of the details:

  1. LED Video Van:
    • This likely refers to a mobile vehicle equipped with LED screens for displaying video content. These vans are often used for outdoor events, advertising, and promotions.
  2. P4.8:
    • This is likely the pixel pitch of the LED display. Pixel pitch is the distance between the individual pixels on an LED screen and is measured in millimeters. In this case, it’s P4.8, meaning each pixel is approximately 4.8 millimeters away from its neighboring pixel. Smaller pixel pitches generally result in higher resolution displays.
  3. 4 by 10:
    • This could refer to the size or arrangement of the LED panels on the van. It might mean that there are 4 rows of LED panels, each consisting of 10 panels. Alternatively, it could represent the aspect ratio of the LED display.

Without more specific information, it’s challenging to provide detailed information about the product. If you have a product manual, specifications sheet, or any additional details, I could provide more accurate information. Alternatively, you may want to contact the manufacturer or supplier for specific information about the LED video van you’re interested in.


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