P1.25 Indoor LED Video Wall


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A P1.25 indoor LED video wall refers to a specific type of high-resolution display technology used for indoor applications. Let’s break down the description:

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P1.25: This number represents the pixel pitch of the LED video wall. Pixel pitch refers to the distance between the individual LED pixels on the display, usually measured in millimeters. A smaller pixel pitch, such as P1.25, indicates a higher pixel density, which results in a sharper and more detailed image. In this case, P1.25 suggests that the LED pixels are very close together, suitable for applications where fine details and high-quality visuals are essential.

Indoor: This term indicates that the LED video wall is designed for indoor use. Indoor LED video walls are built differently from outdoor ones and are not as resistant to environmental factors like moisture and sunlight. They are commonly used in indoor settings lik


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