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p1.5 by 4×6


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The P1.5 LED video wall with a configuration of 4 by 6 signifies a high-resolution display system. The “P1.5” suggests a pixel pitch of 1.5 millimeters, indicating a very fine pixel density that results in sharp and clear visuals. The “4 by 6” specifies the physical arrangement of the LED panels, with 4 panels placed horizontally and 6 panels placed vertically.

This type of LED video wall is suitable for applications where detailed and vibrant visuals are crucial, such as in control rooms, command centers, or high-end corporate presentations. The fine pixel pitch ensures that viewers can experience high-quality images and videos even from a relatively close distance. Additionally, the 4 by 6 configuration allows for a sizable and immersive display area, making it ideal for large-scale events or venues.

It seems like you’re looking for information or a description of a specific LED video wall with a size of 4 by 6. However, “P1.5” is often a specification related to pixel pitch, indicating the distance between the pixels on the LED display. A smaller pixel pitch generally results in a higher resolution and better image quality.

Here’s a general description based on the information provided:

LED Video Wall (P1.5) 4×6:

  • Pixel Pitch (P): 1.5 mm (indicating high resolution).
  • Configuration: 4 by 6 refers to the number of panels arranged in a grid format, with 4 panels in width and 6 panels in height.
  • Size: The overall dimensions depend on the size of each panel. Assuming each panel is a standard size, the total size can be calculated by multiplying the number of panels in each dimension by the width and height of an individual panel.
  • Resolution: The smaller pixel pitch implies a high resolution, providing sharp and detailed images or videos.
  • Usage: LED video walls with such specifications are often used in indoor settings such as control rooms, conference rooms, retail displays, and events where high-quality visuals are crucial.
  • Features: May include features such as seamless splicing, high refresh rates, wide viewing angles, and possibly HDR (High Dynamic Range) support for enhanced image quality.

It’s important to note that the actual specifications and features can vary between different manufacturers and models. For precise details, it’s recommended to refer to the product specifications provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the specific LED video wall you’.



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