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The P10 RED SMD LED Module is also an electronic component used in the construction of LED displays. However, it uses a Surface Mount Device (SMD) package type, which is different from the Dip Through Hole package type used in the DIP module

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This module also emits a red light with a wavelength of around 620-625nm and has a brightness rating of 500-600mcd. It has a smaller pixel pitch of 10mm and a wide viewing angle of around 120 degrees, making it suitable for use in small to medium-sized displays.

LED displays built using P10 RED SMD LED Modules are also energy-efficient and can display bright, clear images even in daylight conditions. The SMD package type makes it easy to mount onto a printed circuit board, and its compact size allows for more flexibility in display design.

In summary, the main difference between the P10 RED DIP LED Module and the P10 RED SMD LED Module is the package type used for mounting. While the DIP module is more suitable for large displays, the SMD module is more suitable for small to medium-sized displays due to its smaller size and higher pixel density.

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