P2.5 Led Video Wall 1 M by 3 M indoor Led Video Walls


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A P2.5 LED video wall refers to a type of indoor LED display with a pixel pitch of 2.5 millimeters. This pixel pitch indicates the distance between the center of two adjacent LED pixels on the display. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and image quality of the LED video wall.

In your description, you mentioned a 1 meter by 3 meter indoor LED video wall. This specification refers to the physical dimensions of the LED display. It means that the video wall is 1 meter in width and 3 meters in height.

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Here are some key points about a P2.5 indoor LED video wall of this size:

Pixel Density: With a pixel pitch of 2.5mm, this LED video wall would have a high pixel density, resulting in sharp and detailed images even when viewed up close.

Resolution: To determine the resolution, you need to calculate the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. For a 1m x 3m video wall:

Horizontal Pixels: 1000mm (width) / 2.5mm (pixel pitch) = 400 pixels
Vertical Pixels: 3000mm (height) / 2.5mm (pixel pitch) = 1200 pixels
So, the resolution of this video wall would be approximately 400×1200 pixels.
Use Cases: A P2.5 indoor LED video wall of this size is suitable for various applications, including advertising, presentations, digital signage, conferences, and events. It can display high-definition videos and images with vibrant colors.

Viewing Distance: Due to the small pixel pitch, this video wall is ideal for short to medium viewing distances. It will look best when viewed from relatively close distances, such as indoor spaces where the audience can be nearby.

Installation: Installing and mounting an indoor LED video wall of this size typically requires professional expertise. It may be wall-mounted, hung from a ceiling, or integrated into a custom display structure, depending on the specific requirements.

Content Management: To display content on the video wall, you’ll need a content management system or media player capable of driving the video wall at its native resolution.


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