P2.5 Led Video Wall 3 M by 4 M indoor Led Video Walls


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A P2.5 LED video wall refers to a type of indoor display system with a pixel pitch of 2.5 millimeters. The pixel pitch is the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels and is an important factor in determining the resolution and clarity of the display. A smaller pixel pitch generally results in a higher resolution and better image quality.

The dimensions specified, 3 meters by 4 meters, indicate the physical size of the LED video wall. In this case, it’s designed for indoor use, making it suitable for various applications such as conferences, exhibitions, control rooms, retail spaces, or any indoor environment where a large, dynamic visual display is desired.


A P2.5 LED video wall measuring 3 meters by 4 meters offers an impressive visual display solution for indoor environments. The P2.5 specification indicates the pixel pitch of the LED display, with a pitch of 2.5 millimeters. This pixel pitch is considered fine, indicating that the individual pixels are closely spaced, resulting in high resolution and clarity.

Key features of this LED video wall include:

  1. High Resolution: The P2.5 pixel pitch ensures that the LED video wall produces high-resolution images and videos, making it suitable for applications where detail and clarity are crucial.
  2. Vibrant Colors: LED technology enables the display to showcase vibrant and true-to-life colors, enhancing the overall visual experience. This is particularly important for applications such as advertising, presentations, or entertainment where color accuracy is essential.
  3. Indoor Use: Designed for indoor environments, this LED video wall is well-suited for spaces such as conference rooms, control rooms, retail displays, lobbies, and entertainment venues where ambient lighting conditions can be controlled.
  4. Large Size: With dimensions of 3 meters by 4 meters, this LED video wall provides a sizable canvas for content display. The large size makes it ideal for catching the attention of audiences in various settings.
  5. Thin and Lightweight Design: LED technology allows for a slim and lightweight design, making installation and maintenance more manageable. The thin profile ensures that the display seamlessly integrates into different spaces without being obtrusive.
  6. Customizable Content: The LED video wall supports a range of content types, including static images, videos, and dynamic presentations. This flexibility makes it suitable for diverse applications, from advertising to information dissemination.


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