P2.5 Led Video Wall 3 M by 4 M indoor Led Video


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A P2.5 LED video wall refers to a type of indoor LED display that has a pixel pitch of 2.5 millimeters. The pixel pitch refers to the distance between the center of two adjacent LED pixels and is an important factor in determining the resolution and viewing distance of the LED display. A smaller pixel pitch like P2.5 indicates that the LEDs are closely packed together, resulting in a higher resolution and better image quality compared to LED displays with larger pixel pitches.

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The LED video wall measures 3 meters (width) by 4 meters (height). This dimension represents the physical size of the LED screen.
Pixel Pitch (P2.5):

The pixel pitch of 2.5 millimeters means that the LED display has a high resolution, making it suitable for displaying detailed content such as text, images, and videos.
Indoor Use:

This LED video wall is designed for indoor use, which means it is not built to withstand outdoor environmental conditions like rain and direct sunlight. Indoor LED displays are commonly used in settings such as conference rooms, retail stores, museums, airports, and indoor advertising.


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