P3 Led Video Wall 1 M by 3 M indoor Led Video Walls


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A P3 LED video wall is an indoor LED display system that consists of individual LED modules with a pixel pitch of 3mm. This means that the distance between each LED pixel is 3mm, resulting in a high-resolution and sharp image when viewed from a typical viewing distance.

The video wall you mentioned has a dimension of 1 meter in width and 3 meters in height, making it a tall and narrow display suitable for various indoor applications. These LED video walls are commonly used in settings such as retail stores, conference rooms, control centers, sports arenas, and more to deliver vibrant and dynamic visual content.

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A P3 LED video wall, measuring 1 meter by 3 meters, is a high-quality indoor LED display designed for various visual applications. This advanced LED technology offers exceptional image and video performance, making it suitable for a wide range of indoor environments, such as retail spaces, conference rooms, control centers, sports arenas, trade shows, and more.


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