P3 Led Video Wall 36 INCH by 12 INCH outdoor Led Video Walls


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Experience stunning visuals with our P3 LED Video Wall, designed for outdoor use. Measuring 36 inches in width and 12 inches in height, this compact display delivers vibrant colors and sharp images with its P3 LED technology. The high resolution ensures clarity even in bright outdoor environments, making it ideal for various applications such as events, advertising, and public displays. With durable construction and weather-resistant features, this video wall is built to withstand the elements, providing a reliable and eye-catching visual solution for your outdoor needs.

A P3 LED video wall represents a high-resolution display solution that employs LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, with a pixel pitch of 3mm. The pixel pitch is the distance between the center of two adjacent pixels, and a smaller pitch generally implies higher resolution and greater image clarity. In this case, the P3 specification suggests a fine pixel pitch, making it suitable for applications where close viewing is common.

The physical dimensions of the LED video wall are specified as 36 inches in height by 12 inches in width. This particular size, with a relatively small form factor, indicates a compact outdoor LED video wall solution. The compact size makes it versatile and applicable for various outdoor settings where space may be limited.

Being an outdoor LED video wall, it is designed to endure outdoor conditions, providing durability and visibility in diverse weather environments. These displays are commonly used for outdoor advertising, live events, retail spaces, and other applications where a vibrant and high-resolution display is essential for attracting attention and conveying information.

The P3 pixel pitch contributes to sharp image quality and detail, making it suitable for scenarios where viewers are in close proximity to the screen. This could include outdoor events, trade shows, retail displays, or any setting where a visually striking and detailed presentation is crucial.



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