P4.8 Led Video Wall 4 By 6


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It seems like you’re referring to a specific LED video wall configuration with a size of 4 by 6, possibly denoting 4 columns and 6 rows of LED panels or modules. LED video walls are popular for displaying high-quality visuals in various settings, including events, concerts, conferences, and digital signage.

Here’s a breakdown of what “P4.8” might represent in this context:

  1. Pixel Pitch (P4.8): Pixel pitch refers to the distance between the center of two adjacent pixels on an LED display. In this case, P4.8 means the distance between the center of two pixels is 4.8 millimeters. Smaller pixel pitches generally result in higher resolution and sharper images.
  2. 4 by 6 Configuration: This suggests that the LED video wall is organized into a grid of 4 columns and 6 rows of LED panels. The total number of panels would be 24 (4 columns * 6 rows).

LED video walls with a pixel pitch of P4.8 are considered to have a relatively fine pixel density, making them suitable for applications where detailed and clear visuals are important, but not necessarily for viewing at extremely close distances.

It appears that you’re referring to a “P4.8 LED Video Wall 4 by 6.” Let me provide a brief description based on the information provided:

The P4.8 LED Video Wall is a display system with a pixel pitch of 4.8 millimeters, indicating the distance between each LED pixel on the screen. The configuration “4 by 6” suggests a grid layout of 4 columns and 6 rows of LED panels. This type of video wall is commonly used for high-resolution visual presentations, advertising, or entertainment purposes.


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