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A power cable 250mm (red & black) typically refers to a cable with two conductors, one red and one black, that is 250 millimeters (9.8 inches) in length. These cables are often used to connect power sources, such as batteries or power supplies, to electronic devices or components.

The gauge or thickness of the conductors within the cable can vary, depending on the application and the amount of current that will be flowing through the cable. Thicker conductors are typically used for higher current applications, while thinner conductors are suitable for lower current applications.

The number of cables in each pack of 20pcs or 100pcs may vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier. It’s important to ensure that the cable is rated for the intended application, as using a cable with insufficient gauge or insulation could result in electrical problems, including overheating, short circuits, or even fire.

Overall, power cables 250mm (red & black) are a common and useful component in many electrical and electronic systems, providing a reliable and easy way to connect power sources to components.

5 reviews for Power Cable 250mm (Red &...

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