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A 36-inch by 6-inch single-color white LED display board that is WiFi accessible. This board is designed for various display applications and can be easily controlled and updated remotely through a WiFi connection, making it convenient for showcasing messages, information, or graphics with crisp, bright white LEDs.


A single-color white LED display board measuring 36 inches in width and 6 inches in height is a versatile and attention-grabbing signage solution that can be easily controlled and updated through Wi-Fi connectivity. This LED display board is designed to provide clear and crisp white text, graphics, and animations, making it suitable for various applications, including advertising, information dissemination, announcements, and more.

Key features of this LED display board:

  1. High Visibility: The bright white LEDs ensure excellent visibility, even in well-lit environments, making your messages and content easily readable from a distance.
  2. Large Size: With a generous 36-inch width and 6-inch height, this display board allows you to convey your messages effectively and prominently.
  3. Single-Color White: The single-color white LED configuration ensures a sleek and professional look while maintaining cost-efficiency.
  4. Wi-Fi Accessibility: The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to control and update the content on the display board remotely. This means you can change messages, display schedules, and content from anywhere with an internet connection, saving you time and effort.
  5. User-Friendly Software: The included software or app allows you to easily create, edit, and schedule your messages and content. You can customize the display to suit your specific needs, whether it’s displaying advertisements, announcements, event information, or other relevant content.
  6. Durable Construction: Built to withstand various environmental conditions, this LED display board is typically designed to be weatherproof, ensuring longevity and reliability, whether used indoors or outdoors.
  7. Energy-Efficient: LED technology is energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional lighting options, which can help reduce operational costs.
  8. Mounting Options: Depending on your requirements, this LED display board may come with various mounting options, such as wall mounting, ceiling suspension, or free-standing configurations.
  9. Customization: Some models may offer options for customization, such as different display sizes, additional colors, or advanced features like video playback capabilities.
  10. Scalability: If needed, you can expand your signage setup by connecting multiple LED display boards to create a larger display area or even link them to create synchronized displays.




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