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A 3-meter Totem Pole is a smaller-scale wooden sculpture, typically carved by indigenous artists, especially from the Pacific Northwest Coast in North America. This Totem Pole stands at a height of three meters and features a series of carved figures and symbols, each holding cultural or spiritual significance. Despite its smaller size compared to traditional totem poles, it still serves as a meaningful representation of indigenous art, storytelling, and community identity. The carvings often depict animals, ancestral spirits, and mythological beings, conveying the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous communities.

A Totem Pole standing at a height of 3 meters is a captivating and culturally significant work of art, drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of indigenous peoples, especially those of the Pacific Northwest Coast in North America. Crafted from a single, substantial log, this Totem Pole is a masterful expression of artistic skill and cultural symbolism.

The carving on the Totem Pole typically features a series of meticulously crafted figures and symbols, each carrying deep cultural, spiritual, or historical meaning. The artistry involved in creating the Totem Pole involves intricate detailing, showcasing the carver’s connection to their heritage and the stories passed down through generations.

The figures on the Totem Pole often include representations of animals, ancestral spirits, and mythological beings. Each carving is carefully positioned, contributing to a narrative that reflects the community’s values, traditions, and historical events. The symbolism embedded in the Totem Pole serves as a visual language, conveying the collective identity and shared history of the indigenous people.

The smaller scale of this 3-meter Totem Pole doesn’t diminish its significance. Instead, it makes it a more accessible and versatile piece of art that can be displayed in various settings, from cultural institutions to private spaces. Whether situated outdoors or indoors, the Totem Pole becomes a focal point, inviting observers to engage with its intricate details and appreciate the cultural heritage it represents. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Totem Pole becomes a vessel for storytelling, preserving and communicating the unique narratives of indigenous communities to a broader audience.



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