70 x 40 mm White Wheel with 6.1mm Hole Diameter


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Buy 70 x 40 mm White Wheel with 6.1mm Hole Diameter along with robotic chassis and motors at lowest price Online in India only at techon led 70 x 40 mm white wheel with a 6.1 mm hole diameter is a specific type of wheel with the following characteristics:

70 x 40 mm: These dimensions indicate the physical size of the wheel. It has a diameter of 70 millimeters (mm) and a width or thickness of 40 mm. These measurements provide information about the size and shape of the wheel, which can be important for determining its suitability for a particular application.

6.1 mm Hole Diameter: This specification specifies the diameter of the central hole in the wheel where a shaft or axle is inserted. In this case, the hole has a diameter of 6.1 mm. This measurement is crucial because it determines the size of the shaft or axle that can be used with this wheel.

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Get high quality Robot Wheel with 70mm Diameter and 40mm Width. These Wheels are used in robotics projects and DIY ideas. These wheels come with a 6.1mm hole for easy coupling with motor shafts using a screw.


Shaft Diameter – 6.1 mm
Wheel Diameter – 70 mm
Wheel Width – 40 mm
Weight: 60gm/Wheel


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