DIY Tracked Metal Tank Robot Chassis


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A DIY tracked metal tank robot chassis is a rugged and customizable platform for building your own robotic vehicle. Its tank-style tracks provide excellent traction and maneuverability, making it suitable for various applications like remote control, surveillance, or autonomous navigation. This chassis is typically made of durable metal and comes with mounting holes for adding sensors, cameras, and other components, allowing you to create a unique robot tailored to your needs.

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Get the Tracked robotic tank chassis for Robotics projects, robowars and other diy inventions. Bring our Robotics Ideas to life with tis tracked robotic chassis. Develop customized robotics projects for robotic competition events or for robotics workshops using the tracked tank chassis. With powerful 4 wheel drive this is the robotic chassis used for unique robotic developments. Strong design with rough terrain tracked vehicle body for off road robotics. Sufficient battery storage space and ability to mount sensors all around the robot provides an efficient robotic making capability using this tracked robotic chassis body.


Body Material: Metal
Wheel Material: Plastic
Track Material: Plastic
Color: Black & White
Size: 220 x 240 x 100mm
Weight: 2000 Grams
Manufacturer: Nevon


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