80 x 10mm Yellow Robot Wheel with 6mm Shaft Diameter


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80 x 10mm: These dimensions indicate the physical size of the robot wheel. It has a diameter of 80 millimeters (mm) and a width or thickness of 10 mm. These dimensions help you determine the overall size and shape of the wheel, which is important for fitting it into your robot or application.

Yellow: The yellow color is likely cosmetic and may serve purposes such as visibility or aesthetics. It doesn’t typically affect the wheel’s performance but can be used for coding or distinguishing different wheels in a robotic system.

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Get high quality Robot Wheel with 80mm Diameter and 10mm Width. These Wheels are used in robotics projects and DIY ideas. These wheels come with a 6mm hole for easy coupling with motor shafts using a screw.


Shaft Diameter – 6 mm
Wheel Diameter – 80 mm
Wheel Width – 10 mm
Weight: 20gm/Wheel


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