Robotic Arm Gripper and Gear box Set


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A robotic arm gripper and gear box set is a combination of essential components used in robotics and automation systems.

Robotic Arm Gripper: This is a mechanical or electromechanical device designed to grasp and manipulate objects. It typically consists of jaws or fingers that can open and close to securely hold items. Robotic grippers come in various designs, such as parallel, three-finger, or specialized shapes, to suit different applications.

Gearbox: A gearbox is a mechanical component that helps control the speed, torque, and direction of rotational motion. In the context of a robotic arm, a gearbox is often used to increase or decrease the power output and adjust the precision of movements. It consists of gears and shafts arranged in a specific configuration.

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A robotic Arm module is divided into two major working modules, one is the gripper module and other is gearbox module. These both modules are made up from laser cut metal and acrylic which assure their durability in various robotics applications. The gear box module consists of a worm gear assembly which increases torque so that the end effector can pick up more load. The gripper module is specially designed for pick and place objects. These modules can be combined together to form a pick and place assembly with an ability to lift heavy loads. This assembly can be used in a robotic system to automate existing pick and place system.


Body Material: Metal
Gripper Material: Plastic
Color: Black & White
Size: 220 x 140 x 200mm
Weight: 2000 Grams
Manufacturer: Nevon


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