P6 Led Video Wall 2 M by 3 M Outdoor Led Video Walls


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The P6 LED Video Wall is a high-resolution outdoor display system measuring 2 meters in height and 3 meters in width. It features a pixel pitch of 6mm, indicating the distance between individual pixels on the display. A smaller pixel pitch generally results in higher resolution and sharper images.

This LED video wall is designed for outdoor use, making it suitable for various applications such as advertising, events, and public displays. The outdoor capability ensures that the display is resistant to environmental factors like weather conditions, providing clear and vibrant visuals even in outdoor settings.

It seems like you’re mentioning a P6 LED video wall with dimensions of 2 meters by 3 meters for outdoor use. P6 refers to the pixel pitch, which is a measure of the distance between the pixels on the LED display. A smaller pixel pitch generally results in a higher resolution and better image quality.

Here’s some information about an outdoor LED video wall with these specifications:

  1. Pixel Pitch (P6): This indicates the distance between the center of one pixel to the center of an adjacent pixel. In this case, it’s 6mm.
  2. Dimensions (2m x 3m): This specifies the physical size of the LED video wall. It’s 2 meters in height and 3 meters in width.
  3. Outdoor Use: Outdoor LED video walls are designed to withstand environmental conditions such as rain, sunlight, and temperature variations. They are often built with weather-resistant materials and have a higher brightness level to ensure visibility in outdoor settings.
  4. Resolution: The resolution of the LED video wall depends on the pixel pitch and the total number of pixels in the display. P6 is considered a medium pixel pitch, providing good resolution for outdoor viewing.
  5. Applications: Outdoor LED video walls are commonly used in various applications such as advertising displays, digital billboards, live events, concerts, stadiums, and public spaces.
  6. Brightness: Outdoor LED displays usually have high brightness levels to ensure visibility in daylight. The brightness is measured in nits, and outdoor displays often have a brightness of 5,000 nits or higher.
  7. Viewing Distance: The P6 pixel pitch is suitable for medium to long viewing distances, making it appropriate for outdoor applications where the audience may be at varying distances from the screen.
  8. Installation: LED video walls are modular and can be assembled into larger displays. The installation process may involve mounting the panels onto a supporting structure or framework.

When considering or describing an LED video wall, it’s important to take into account factors such as pixel pitch, resolution, brightness, and intended use to ensure that it meets the specific requirements of the application.




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